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BMW 530d & Kamikaze Miyabi

Kamikaze Collection Posted on Mon, November 05, 2018 16:06:10

This lovely 3 year old BMW 530d has recently been purchased from a local dealer and the owner was keen to have it protected with Kamikaze Miyabi being the coating of choice.

As always, the process started with a thorough wash and decontamination to ensure all dirt and bonded contaminates have been removed prior to what was initially going to be a Gloss Enhancement Treatment to bring out a brilliant shine as a base for the coating.
It wasn’t until the wash process had been completed that both the owner and myself realised the colour of the vehicle wasn’t in fact Black with a hint of blue, but Blue! It just goes to show what can be hidden by all that wax and polish applied by the valeters at the dealership!
The wash stage also revealed the true extent of the paintwork condition; heavily swirled all over! A Gloss Enhancement Treatment was no longer going to be viable as it wouldn’t remove enough of the blemishes to correct the paint to an acceptable standard.

The image above shows work in progress on the boot area. The top half of the picture shows all the swirls, the bottom half shows how the correction stage is removing them and restoring the paint back to an even smooth finish.

With so much oxidisation and so many swirl marks present, a Level 1 Correction Detail was decided upon. Not only that, but the clear coat on this BMW was as solid as a rock and only a proper correction treatment would be effective.

The left side of the image above shows the condition of the paint, the right hand side shows how much difference a correction makes. You can clearly see the oxidisation has been removed and the all the fine scratches and swirls have been removed too. The next stage was to refine the paint to a glossy finish.

After two days of correcting and polishing, the Level 1 Correction Detail was complete. A deep gloss had been restored, the true colour of the vehicle was shining through and ready to receive the Kamikaze coating.

With the coating applied, the BMW was totally transformed! Kamikaze Miyabi providing that trademark brilliant shine!

Audi Q3 Kamikaze Zipang

Kamikaze Collection Posted on Mon, October 01, 2018 11:20:18

This coating detail was on a brand new Audi Q3 with only 272 miles on the clock and delivered more or less straight from the dealership. The vehicle was also going to be coated in Kamikaze’s latest product; “Zipang”.
Zipang Coat has evolved from the technology employed by ISM PRO. Like ISM PRO, Zipang Coat combines high quality, ingredients with Kamikaze Collection’s ultra-low molecular weight hydrocarbons to produce a coating with extreme water repelling properties. However, extensive research and development has enriched these ingredients to increase their performance and enhance their reflective potential. Furthermore, Zipang Coat has a self-levelling function activated by heat that helps keep paintwork swirl-free for longer.

Zipang was to be combined with Kamikaze’s Miyabi as a base coat, providing hardness and an extreme gloss on which to top off with the protective qualities of Zipang.

The Audi looked shiny as you would expect from a new car, but after the safe wash and decontamination procedure, it soon became apparent the preparation work that was needed prior to coating

Although not easy to pick up with the camera, the bonnet had groups of fine scratches which were presumably installed at the dealership

The car was rinsed to get rid of the road dirt it had picked up on the journey here, then an iron fallout remover product was liberally sprayed over the entire vehicle. It is always surprising just how much fallout there is to remove on a new vehicle. This step in the decontamination process is essential for a perfect finish. The vehicle hadn’t had much opportunity to pick up too much tar but there were isolated spots which also needed taking care of.
Although the car was not booked in to coat the wheels, they too still received the correct cleaning procedure.

The next step was to apply snow foam followed by a rinse after a dwelling time. This was followed by a two bucket safe wash. The vehicle was only lightly clayed using a fine clay bar. Again, with the car being brand new there was hardly any bonded contaminates which needed attention.
The bonnet area however was a different story and needed a bit more effort to remove all contamination.

After bringing the vehicle in to dry, it was time to tackle the more time consuming areas such as the front grill.
The black door pillars also needed some careful attention as they were heavily swirled, there were also tell-tale masking tape lines present indicating someone had perhaps attempted to polish these pillars before.. This type of paint is usually quite soft and damages easily so it was decided to use a very fine finishing polish on a Rupes yellow pad for a little extra ‘bite’

A ‘before’ picture of the pillars
How they looked after a gentle polish
It was also time to tackle the underside of the vehicle and again, gently polish the black trim ready for coating

The bonnet needed compounding to remove all the scratches, followed by refining. The clear coat was hard, as expected, and on this occasion only Menzerna Super Heavy Cut would remove them with a microfibre cutting pad. Then a refining stage with a fine finishing polish.

The whole vehicle was polished with a white Rupes polishing pad and Menzerna 3800 polish to a high gloss

Kamikaze Miyabi coating was applied once all the polishing was complete. This transformed the vehicle straight away with the characteristic Miyabi brilliant shine and formed a fantastic base layer ready for the next coating

Miyabi was allowed to cure properly overnight followed by an alcohol wipe down the next morning in preparation for Kamikaze Zipang.

Zipang applied and the finish on this pearlescent white car was nothing short of stunning!

Toyota Auris & Miyabi Coating

Kamikaze Collection Posted on Wed, August 22, 2018 12:08:59

This Taxi was in for a Level 1 Paint Correction Detail, Full Interior Detail and Kamikaze Miyabi Coating

Unfortunately, as this vehicle needed to be back on the road asap there wasn’t a lot of time to take pictures of the detail in progress. So instead there are two videos, one which is the initial walkaround, and the second one is the finished product.

Just like any vehicle in for a Paint Correction, it received the full safe wash and chemical decontamination. Not surprisingly, because it is a hard working taxi, the amount of iron fallout on this vehicle was quite high. The vehicle was dried and brought inside where it received a much needed clay bar treatment.

Once all the cleaning and decontamination was completed the paint was then corrected using a combination of the Scholl S20 Black compound and the Rupes yellow pad. This combination was chosen because the paint was not in bad condition being a fairly new car and the S20 Black had sufficient cut to remove all the blemishes and refine down to a nice shine ready for a finishing polish which in this case was Ichiban Polish by Kamikaze. Ichiban is particularly good on soft Japanese paints.

The interior was fully detailed and protected. Once the polishing stage was complete, the Kamikaze coating was applied and allowed to cure overnight.
The next video shows the final result, quite a different ‘look’ to the paint!
With the Miyabi coating you can expect a sharper, brighter look which works perfectly on white cars.

Audi S4 & ISM-Pro

Kamikaze Collection Posted on Tue, August 21, 2018 15:37:35

This is how the car looked when delivered

This lovely car was in for a Gloss Enhancement Treatment followed by ISM-Pro coating by Kamikaze. ISM-Pro is only available via Certified Detailers. The wheels were also coated, as were the calipers and all glass. The brand new interior also received the full protection treatment using a combination of Gyeon SiO2 protection and Colourlock leather clean and protection.

Being a new vehicle with only a few miles on the clock, all surfaces were of course in great condition which is always a good canvas to work with. The car still received a snow foam, safe wash and full decontamination to remove any residues or grease which you’d normally expect from a new car. It was surprising just how much iron fallout was removed.

Wheels and calipers before cleaning, degreasing and coating

Polishing the paint was straight forward enough and it was decided to use Menzerna 3800 finishing polish as the main compound. This gives a great shine and provides a perfect base for coatings. There were some isolated scratches on the bonnet which needed removing first. These were likely to have been installed during either the transportation stage or final wash stage prior to customer delivery. Either way, the customer hadn’t spotted them but they needed to be removed completely before going ahead with any coating

White is typically a difficult colour to get really shiny, but the Menzerna 3800 finishing polish is doing the trick here during the polishing stage.

Once the polishing stage was complete I decided to start with coating the glass first. This was simply to avoid causing any damage to the coating on the paint if I’d done that first.

Glass coating curing for a short while before wiping off

The weather outside was close to 30c which made inside the unit even hotter. This affected the curing time quite badly of the coating and care had to be taken to ensure it hadn’t ‘gone-off’ before wiping down!

ISM-Pro coating is a one-stage coating process, meaning there is only one coat to install. However, it has to be applied in a certain way to ensure even coverage for a smooth streak free finish. Unlike other coatings, this one is applied in straight lines only. This presents its own challenges with a bonnet as large as this one on a colour so light.

A big difference from when it came in. ISM-Pro delivering a nice warm glow and depth of shine

Now was the time to coat the wheels and calipers. The wheels were removed from the vehicle as they were to be coated front and back. Again quite a difference from when the car first arrived.

The tyres were treated to a special SiO2 dressing, which like the coatings required at least 12 hours to cure.

The interior was in pristine condition being new, however it still received a thorough clean to remove any manufacturers residue followed by leather protection for all the seats and leather trim, SiO2 protection for all other trim surfaces and an aerospace protection product for all carpets and mats. These protection products are designed to be unintrusive in terms of final look and shine. There is a slight darkening effect which really suited this interior but otherwise you wouldn’t know the dressings were there. They just sit there doing their job!

With the wheels back on and torqued correctly, the detail was complete. A two and half day treatment even for a new car. The results were stunning.

Peugeot – Kamikaze Infinity Wax

Kamikaze Collection Posted on Sun, July 01, 2018 18:26:05

This fabulous Peugeot on a 62
plate had recently been acquired by the owner and he realised quickly the
exterior had not been looked after at all.
The soft paint was covered in heavy swirl marks, scratches and other
blemishes from general wear and tear. It
was clear however that the majority of blemishes were caused by poor washing
techniques, a common occurrence.

The client opted for a LEVEL
and upgraded the standard wax for KAMIKAZE COLLECTION INFINITY
for 18 months-2 years protection.

Kamikaze’s Infinity wax blends ceramic coating elements with
natural carnauba to deliver the best of both worlds: the ceramic elements
provide enhanced longevity and protection, whilst the natural carnauba enhances
the warmth of the paintwork. Infinity
Wax must be mixed for sixty seconds to activate the ceramic ingredients. The
soft, creamy wax is then applied in a thin uniform layer and allowed to cure
for at least ninety minutes. During this time, the ceramic elements cross link
with the paint forming a strong chemical bond which increases the protection
and durability of the coating.

After the initial wash phase,
it became clear all the side panels were heavily contaminated with tar
spots. These weren’t isolated marks but
covered the whole panel. These were
removed after some considerable effort as they had been allowed to sit on the
vehicle for some time. This was then
followed by further decontamination by applying iron fallout remover. Wheels were given the same treatment and
carefully cleaned. The car was then
brought into the studio for further investigation. It is at this point it became evident just how
marked the paint was.

The picture clearly shows how dull the paint is from all
the swirl marks. The wing area (on the right-hand
side of the picture) has been corrected and is a huge difference from the door
panel (on the left of the picture)

A test spot was done, the
correct polishing pad and compound selected for this particular clearcoat, and
polishing commenced.

The rear of the car was left
out at this point for work to be carried out by a body repair specialist. Pristine Detailing will then take the car
back and apply the Kamikaze Infinity wax to that remaining panel.

Overall, the finish is
radically different from when the car arrived and the Infinity Wax has once
again shown just how much shine it can give to a car!

Skoda Octavia – Miyabi Coating

Kamikaze Collection Posted on Sun, July 01, 2018 17:52:42

This 58 Plate Skoda Octavia
was a much used high mileage Taxi with tired and abused paint work with heavy
swirls from years of wear and tear and poor washing technique. The

First the car received a full chemical decontamination with
tar and glue remover and iron fallout remover, degreaser was applied to the
wheels arches, tyres. Next the wheels were deep cleaned and brightened by
removing years of acid cleaners being applied by car washes.
Snow foam was then applied to the whole car to remove any
last loose dirt before a full safe hand wash. This was then followed by a
final thorough rinse and the vehicle was brought inside to begin the treatment.

This picture shows the wing which has not yet been
corrected, it is easy to see all the heavy swirls and marks which have dulled
the paintwork. Whereas the bonnet shows
what a Level 1 Correction can achieve, swirls and defects removed, a deep gloss
and clarity restored to the paint resulting in a lovely shine.

The vehicle was masked off
to prevent staining from the polish on rubber and plastic trim. The whole car then
received the Level 1 Treatment after a test spot was done to establish the best
combination of polishing pads and compounds.
As the clear coat was medium hard, a slightly more aggressive pad was
required to remove the blemishes.

The yellow masking tape is used to protect the trim and
delicate areas.

Once the correction stage
had been completed it was time to refine the paint to an amazing gloss. This was achieved with Kamikaze’s Ichiban
Finishing Polish, a perfectly smooth finish and an excellent primer to receive
the glass coating. The coating was
applied and left to cure overnight.

Amazing gloss restored to this tired paint with the added
2-year protection.

The interior received a full
deep thorough clean including the headlining, carpets, upholstery and spare
wheel area. All the dashboard, door
trims and any other trim was protected with a special SiO2 coating designed to withstand
scuffs, UVA & UVB damage and provide some antistatic abilities. This gave a nice satin look to all the
trim. The fabrics were all treated to a
stain resistant coating to maintain their looks and make future spills and dirt
easier to clean.

Finally, the wheels were
coated with a special wax giving them 6 months protection against build up of
brake dust and the tyres were dressed with a quality long-lasting SiO2 dressing

The transformation was quite
incredible and the car is now protected for a long time making future cleaning much easier.